The Pool Pro
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Our Services

The Pool Pro

Our comprehensive pool and spa care programs are affordable and effortless for you. We customize according to your needs and lifestyle, including these service options:

Cleaning Service
Physical cleaning and sanitation that includes leaf and debris removal, as well as vacuuming and brushing.

Chemical Service
Process of chemical testing, balancing, and adjusting to ensure healthy water quality and equipment protection.

One-Time Clean-Ups
Physical cleaning and chemical treatment to return pool to a serviceable condition for regular maintenance.

The Pool Pro

Equipment and Pool Surface Evaluation and Repair
Evaluation, repair and replacement of pool systems and components to ensure proper operation, including:
  • Skimmer, suction line, vacuum line, and return line replacement
  • Pool light deck junction box relocation
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Acid washing
Equipment Upgrades
Pool system analysis for the addition of accessories, as well as upgrades to improve circulation efficiency and/or energy efficiency.
Automated Systems Installation and Repair
Install automated pool and spa systems and troubleshooting and repair of existing systems.

The Pool Pro

Salt Systems
Maintenance of mineral-based or salt water pools and purification systems.

Replacement of the pool and/or spa surface (plaster, pebble, bead).

Replacement of perimeter pool and/or spa tile.

New or Refinished Pool Start-ups
Process of balancing chemicals, adding stain treatment, removing plaster dust and debris over a four- to seven-day period